L’Avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960)

my god, was I just in a bad mood last night?  Maybe it was that, maybe it was the sleep deprivation combined with watching a movie at 1:30 in the morning, but god did I hate this.  Nothing was happening, Anna was never found (and I even knew that going into the movie, but it pissed me off anyway), and there was just endless scenes of Sandro and Claudia acting morose and all that.  Hell, I got so bored at one point that I decided to entertain myself by looking for characters and extras who looked like celebrities.

Well, I must’ve had a hell of an enlightening dream last night (damned if I can remember), ‘cuz 8 hours later, I wake up feeling like I missed the point entirely, like all of a sudden I got it.  I was focusing far too much on Anna’s disappearance, wondering why long stretches from the middle of the movie onward just up and forgot about her, when really that event is no more than a macguffin, or more appropriately a catalyst for the real point of the movie: to portray the mundaneness and triviality of these people’s lives, specifically their need for fruitless romance.  I guess it was supposed to be that boring, stretching onward and onward, showing real life, not caring about some arbitrary plot.  Personally I think that exact concept of empty people using sex or “romance” just to pass the time has been portrayed better, namely by Woody Allen in Manhattan, but at least I know now what Antonioni was getting at.  I definitely need to rewatch this soon, both to put that mundaneness in its proper context and because i was falling asleep.

So it happened with The Thin Red Line and this…wasn’t a fan while watching it, but all of a sudden gained an appreciation and even liking for it after a good night’s sleep.  So all of a sudden I like this one, and here I was all good and ready to give it a scathing review.  Oh well, things change…but here’s my list of celebrity look-alikes I spotted anyway:

– Paul Reubens
– Trevor Howard
– Emeril Lagasse
– my cleaning lady
– Peter Lorre
– James Carville (CNN’s Rajin’ Cajun)
– Ramon Castro (the Mets’ backup catcher)



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