The Dead Zone (David Cronenberg, 1983)

Kind of interesting to see how far David Cronenberg’s come as a masterful and subtle filmmaker since this movie (even though what may be his best movie, Videodrome, came before this), when you look at a movie as professionally made as Eastern Promises or even Naked Lunch, then look at The Dead Zone, which is clearly there just to pretty much entertain you with how silly it is.  Christopher Walken is silly (but then again, when is he not?), Martin Sheen is silly, and the entire premise of everybody taking this man with supposed psychic powers at such face value is the silliest part of all.  But hell, I was entertained.  This is one of those movies where you gotta suspend any kind of disbelief (that’s the Cronenberg M.O.), because hell, I was buying into it and rooting for Johnnie Smith to change his premonitions.  Of course, the fact that the movie pretty much completely changed direction in the middle from cool story about an ordinary man honing and discovering his extraordinary powers into absurd and silly political thriller bothered me a lot, but it was all cool, entertaining, over-the-top stuff.  🙂


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