Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green, 2008)


At long last, the world takes its revenge on Rosie Perez for her performance in Do the Right Thing

But anyway, this was absolutely hysterical. A great mix between the typically nutty/witty dialogue you’d expect from an Apatow production and just ridiculous over-the-topness that’s an homage to old, shitty action-fests, great chemistry between Rogen and Franco (Rogen can’t stop himself from being his stupidly over-the-top annoying self here and there, but that’s rare – these guys are great together), and enough of David Gordon Green’s signature great photography and lighting to keep the snobs at bay. And whaddya know, a plot with more labyrinthine twists ‘n turns and misunderstandings between opposing characters than the likes of Blood Simple! (or Dumb and Dumber…) Jolly good fun



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