The X-Files: I Want to Believe (Chris Carter, 2008)

Lame. But ehhhhh, nice atmosphere, I guess, with the snow and the dank makeshift laboratory and such? Actually, the lighting in this movie, especially at night in the snow, is really, really good, so props for that.

But the jab at George W. Bush did make me LOL in its sheer audacity (combining the portrait with the strain of the X-Files theme as if the 2004 election was the biggest unexplained phenomena of all = 😆 ) And I liked how Chris Carter basically threw Mitch Pileggi a bone by letting him play action hero in the last 10 minutes of the movie, and introducing him all dramatic-like by the back of his bald head as if the messiah’s returned

And is there any woman in this world more intimidating and emasculating than Amanda Peet?

Otherwise, this was just any other OK standalone episode – random person in peril, uncooperative allies, Mulder and Scully argue over the validity of the unexplained and wanting to believe, Mulder remembers his sister, Scully yells at Mulder for remembering his sister, miraculously (impossibly) convenient finding of clues and resolving of everything at the 11th hour, Mulder saying “see, you should believe!” and Scully saying “but I’m afraid to believe!” and awkward sexual tension, same shit different day – but twice as long and with a bigger budget.



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