Up! (Russ Meyer, 1976)

Believe it or not, it wasn’t any of the S&M nonsense or nonstop nudity/sex/exploitation/lousy acting/penis/pubic hair/overall incomprehensibility that bothered me…it’s all retarded, sure, but it sure as hell maintained my attention. No, what really bothered me was, of all things, Raven De La Croix’s voice, and also the voice of that naked Greek Chorus lady…just over-embellished ways of talking that were more annoying than anything. Otherwise, yeah, it was pure unmitigated crap, but I lol’d at stuff like that huge guy screaming “BEER! BEER!” and then walking through the wall with a naked girl in each arm. An surreal, absurdist pornographic cartoon, a lot of this was. One second it seems completely chauvinistic and sexist, and the next it does a 180 and seems empowering towards women, in its own strange, strange way (Roger Ebert…what a filthy old man to have written this 😆 ), so I don’t know what Meyer, Ebert et al were going for, and hell, maybe they didn’t know. This movie is crap, and bizarre, and just plain stupid (and actually repetitive to the point of starting to get boring with the overabundance of outrageous sex scenes that’re all exactly alike), and overly-zany and nonsensical for the sake of being overly-zany and nonsensical, hence my mediocre 6.5/10…but without a doubt like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and always kept me guessing as to what the fuck was gonna happen next, so before all y’all Meyer defenders come pining for my head and tell me ‘oh, you don’t GET it, man’ and ‘you’re a PRUDE, man’, just keep in mind, I could’ve given a MUCH worse score 😉


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