Schizopolis (Steven Soderbergh, 1996)

Apple microwave, blanket picture frame.  Refrigerator thimble.  Pillow microwave, duplicitous mirror, Staten Island Ferry pap smear.  Space heater hard drive, coke, Alabama Citibank.  Cocker spaniel nerve gas, Blu-ray borscht, entertaining jambalaya, diarrhea-laden music box!


Santa Claus file cabinet.

Subterranean glaucoma, antidisestablishmenttarianism.  Tone-deaf tassel, promiscuous sphincter, dinner plate phlegm.  Chardonnay hamburger, fender-bender menopause.  Eggo waffles sodomy.  Calculator porcupine, afterbirth stopwatch, Flava Flav synogogue.  Envelope Antietam, Mittelschmerz poo poo platter.  Aorta teletubbies.

Mozambique corned beef sandwiches.  Sterling silver scrotum, Ophelia.  Propeller plane haz-mat suit, surreptitious revolver.  Vanilla cardboard, paper shredder bicycle, Captain Condoleezza Rice’s Mandolin.  Encyclopedia Satanica water heater, respirator pogo stick.  Rockclimbing titmouse, transgendered craps table.  Rhombus.

Pepperoni pizza toilet paper (Hattie McDaniel…).   Lovelorn tapeworm, cross-dressing Duplo blocks, cholesterol foul pole.  8-track Beelzebub, dirty sanchez terrorist, cunnilingus speedboat, descended testicle bedspread.  Stock market apple core, Orville Redenbacher trench warfare.  Slalom, Punky Brewster?  Perilous coroner ink cartridge vestibule Happy Days rat salesman Rashomon flabby chest tender saltmine feral…Zuul.

Tepid yet slightly hesitant praise.


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