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The Heart of the World (Guy Maddin, 2000)

This was really cool, a lot like ‘Brand Upon the Brain!’, which I also loved, but only 6 minutes long and really, really odd and tough to follow (at least for me…I should probably rewatch it. Not like it’ll take a huge chunk out of my lifespan). Doesn’t really matter though, I really loved the ‘Metropolis’-like imagery and the sexual symbology and what-not. Since its hyper-stylized take on silent cinema is so similar to ‘Brand”s, and Brand was closer to 120 minutes than this film’s 6, I guess that means that ‘Brand’ is 200 times better than ‘Heart of the World’…or hell, maybe ‘Heart’ is 200 times better than ‘Brand’ because it does so much of what ‘Brand’ does in a twentieth of the time. Eh, somewhere between the two…’Brand”s by far the richer of the two, despite all the visual similarities, but this one’s like a ‘Brand’ or like Maddin at his manic best for the man on the go.